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Mbuki-mvuki (Bantu): the irresistible urge to shuck off your clothes and dance around freely.

The dance floor has always been her favourite place. Dancing her greatest necessity. It;s her way to express herself and to find freedom and joy. The African Buntu community has a sentence that she feels very connected to that describes this ‘emotion’ most amazingly: “Mbuki Mvuki”. Meaning: the urge to chuck off your clothes and dance around freely. No more thinking, but being in the moment by connecting with music and your true self. And shaking a lot of booty of course. “For me it’s exactly that.”

“Standing behind the decks gave music a whole new dimension, on many levels. And fun, it is so much fun. It’s the best addiction I’ve ever had. Besides being a DJ I am a theatre maker and I like to create stories. When it comes to music, the stories are not written in words, they are felt through music. I love that. A story is never the same, and the vibe we create and feel together unique every time. I consider myself a lucky ass having the opportunity to find myself in this unstoppable drive of grooviness. Really, in the end it’s all about making fun and mbuki mvuki’s.”