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Mbuki-mvuki (Bantu): the irresistible urge to shuck off your clothes and dance around freely.

The dance floor has always been her favourite place. Dancing her greatest necessity. It;s her way to express herself and to find freedom and joy. The African Buntu community has a sentence that she feels very connected to that describes this ‘emotion’ most amazingly: “Mbuki Mvuki”. Meaning: the urge to chuck off your clothes and dance around freely. No more thinking, but being in the moment by connecting with music and your true self. And shaking a lot of booty of course. “For me it’s exactly that.”

“Standing behind the decks gave music a whole new dimension, on many levels. And fun, it is so much fun. It’s the best addiction I’ve ever had. Besides being a DJ I am a theatre maker and I like to create stories. When it comes to music, the stories are not written in words, they are felt through music. I love that. A story is never the same, and the vibe we create and feel together unique every time. I consider myself a lucky ass having the opportunity to find myself in this unstoppable drive of grooviness. Really, in the end it’s all about making fun and mbuki mvuki’s.”



03.07 Waves retreat
03.09 Waves retreat Compression
06.14 Bosburcht
06.28 Lago Lago festival
06.29 Chateu Perche

past gigs:

Summer Contrast Festival
Sa Terza Metari Festival
Wildeburg Festival
Down The Rabbit Hole Festival
Lago Lago Festival
Garbicz Festival
Fusion Festival
Komm Schon Alter
Wilde Mohre festival
Landjuweel Ruigoord
Alter Ego Amsterdam
Confetteria Amsterdam
Amsterdam Dance Event
Into the Woods Festival
Techno ist kein glitzer
WE Festival ~ Love Foundation
Mensch Meier ~ Berlin