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At THE OTHER SIDE, we emphasize harmony among our community members.
Every individual has a place here, free from judgment or prejudice.
Discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.
Should you ever feel out of tune or threatened, please reach out to our venue staff, security, or any member of the TOS Team.
We rely on each of you to maintain this sanctuary; be conscious, look after one another, and let’s continue to craft this safe space collectively.
Radiate kindness, and remember – we’re all in this rhythm together.
Feel free to share your feedback with us community@the-other-side.nl


- The minimum age to enter The Other Side is 21. The Other Side holds the right to ask visitors to present a valid ID.

- The Other Side is a cashless, cards-only location.

- The Other Side welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy the location and music with an open-minded and respectful attitude towards one another, the programming and the location as we value your safety. Visitors of The Other Side may be searched. Refusal to cooperate can result in the denial of access.

- You are obliged to use a locker to safely store your jackets and other belongings. The Other Side is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of the items you stored in your locker. It is not allowed to take professional photo or video cameras inside without permission from the organization.

- The Other Side utilises a no-flash policy. If taking cell phone pictures using flash this can result in an eviction from the location. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, The Other Side will deny you entrance.

-We expect our visitors to have a tolerant and positive attitude towards all ethnic groups, genders, sexual preferences, religions and cultures that are present during an event. Violent behaviour, discrimination and harassment in any form, will be reprehended and will result in an eviction from the location.

- If anything or anyone makes you feel unsafe, please notify our staff. Consent is key, so we expect you to understand consent and practice consent in our location. Any form of non- consent is considered unsafe within our location and will not be tolerated. This includes any form of coercion, persuasion, intimidation and manipulation.

- The Other Side holds the right at all times to deny access to anyone, whether in possession of a presale ticket or not.

- We kindly request to pay attention to our neighbours when leaving the location. Visitors who behave loudly when leaving the club, or who cause destruction, leave garbage or urinate outside the toilet will be addressed and future access will be denied.

- When breaking the law and / or committing a crime, The Other Side will file charges with the local authorities and provide camera footage from the location’s video surveillance system if necessary.

- You are not allowed to bring your own food or beverages.

- The consumption, possession or trading of (hard) drugs is strictly prohibited. In case of established use of (hard) drugs, removal will follow. If trade or possession of (hard) drugs is established, the police will be called in and the organisation reserves the right to deny the visitor a presence in the club. In all cases, the goods found are seized, taken and handed over to the police.

- The use or possession of a firearm or other weaponry is strictly prohibited.

- For safety reasons, The Other Side uses a video surveillance system. When entering The Other Side you automatically agree to these recordings. In case of an emergency, surveillance footage can be shown to third parties and / or used as evidence. During events, professional photographers and videographers will be present to record images meant for promotional purposes. When entering The Other Side, you automatically agree to these recordings and publishing of footage of any kind.

- The organisation of The Other Side accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal and/or material damage that visitors can incur during a visit to The Other Side.

- It is not allowed to hand out advertising or any form of promotional material to the visitors of The Other Side either before, during or after an event.

- We kindly request you to inform our security staff or crew when you notice someone is unwell. We have staff trained to provide first aid.

- We kindly request you to inform our security staff when you notice other visitors misbehaving. Please do not personally intervene.

- Multiple sources of loud music (over 85 DB(A)) are present at the location. The Other Side denies all liability in regards to damage to your hearing or any other damages caused by loud music. You are visiting The Other Side completely on your own risk. We do advise you to use protection: earplugs are provided at the lockers.

- If you have any questions, remarks or feedback concerning The Other Side’s door policy, or if you have experienced anything remarkable at our location, please don't hesitate to contact us: info@the-other-side.nl

So, don’t waste your time living anyone else’s rhythm. Find yours. And release it. We’ll be on your side.

Moved by rhythms


Please inform yourself before attending the event.


Water is essential when partying. Dancing, alcohol, and drugs all dehydrate the body, therefore it is vital that you stay on top of your fluids. But too much water is just as bad as too little, so aim to drink one bottle of water per hour.


Did you lose an item? please send us an email and we will get back at you as soon as possible to retreive your posessions