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With genres evolving between afrohouse, kuduro and globalbass, Gente Quente is an infectious dj with a story to tell. There is one overarching theme: an indomitable fondness for rhythmic, melodic, deep and rousing tribal influenced sounds, all fused into an Eclectic Bombastic mix.

With her characteristic style Gente Quente knows exactly what it takes to warm up the crowd or turn a dancefloor upside down. 

She has been featured on an ever-growing list of line ups of festivals like Wildeburg, Open Air, Tropikali & Into The Woods and has seen most of Amsterdams clubs from behind the decks.

She showcases her rhythmical journey every 2 months on Stranded FM, is producing on the sidelines and has been developing her own events where she combines music & her love for 2ndhand treasures.