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From the desert to the dance floor, Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Arabella Memdouh enchants every playground with her mysterious uplifting cosmic sound.

Capturing the spirit of exploration, Arabella Memdouh’s performances reflect her musical odyssey from the desert sands to the vibrant nightlife scene in Amsterdam and beyond. Raised in a musical family, her childhood was immersed in enchanting melodies of psychedelic rock and Arabic pop that now serve as inspiration for her transcendent DJ sets.

She has graced renowned events such as Wildeburg, The Gardens of Babylon, Summer Contrast Festival, Ruigoord, Akasha Ibiza, Thuishaven, Paradiso and The Other Side.

Arabella Memdouh’s signature sound earned recognition in her early career. As diverse as the Middle Eastern region, so are her DJ sets. Her DJ mixes compass a combination in upbeat downtempo / indie electronic dance / progressive house.

In 2023, she unveiled her debut listening single, ‘Jadida’, on The Other Side Records, accompanied by a dance floor-ready remix by Landikhan. New musical productions will come out in 2024.