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Meet OISHĪ, an Amsterdam-based DJ and versatile artist renowned for her unique fashion sense and infectious beats. With influences ranging from Deep House and Afro rhythms to Vogue beats, Baile Funk, and percussive beats, OISHĪ has crafted a distinct and eclectic style that resonates with a diverse audience.

Her sets effortlessly traverse the spectrum, from high-energy BPMs that ignite the dancefloor to intimate, laid-back sessions that foster connection. OISHĪ’s skill at curating immersive experiences makes her a sought-after performer in various settings.

Diving deeper, OISHĪ is deeply involved in the Queer/Ballroom scene, where her raw, edgy style shines alongside her event organization and DJ performances. Her international footprint is already evident, with successful debuts in Berlin, Stockholm, and Helsinki, showcasing her ability to resonate with global audiences.

OISHĪ’s allure lies in her authentic connection with music and the crowd. Her magnetic presence and boundary-pushing sets continue to leave an indelible mark, making her a captivating force in the world of DJs.